Avtrade is one of the foremost Leasing companies in the world today, able to serve customers whose requirements necessitate a precise knowledge and understanding of the field of component Leasing.

Bespoke programmes including power by the hour (PBH) enable avoidance of inventory investment, overheads and depreciation plus conversion of capital investment into working capital, thus improving profitability.

Liquidity and solvency are improved by moving assets off of the balance sheet and due to Avtrade’s expertise in valuing inventory, the risk of residual values being higher than market value is reduced.

Avtrade’s airline supply chain expertise enables us to analyse our airline customer’s fleet and operations and recommend the optimum inventory to support industry leading Technical Despatch Reliability across a wide platform of aircraft types.

Avtrade offers flexible bespoke lease and sale/leaseback programs to worldwide aerospace customers, however big or small. Whether individual base kits or contracted support, content can vary in type and size, be globally located and adjusted to meet fleet and operational changes.

  • Flexible lease terms to suit fleet and aircraft changes
  • Wide range of component options
  • Option to sell inventory to Avtrade and lease back
  • Support by knowledgeable engineering and component experts
  • Recommendations and provisions of customer base kits

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