Quite the Celebrities!

3 August 2017

After an eventful time fixing the van and waiting around for the repairs to be made, which was featured in our last blog, the team have managed to make up all of Monday's lost time. We have been working hard to make that up!

The next leg of the journey that we entered was to involve a 1,400km from China office to Bejiing. This led to some very sensible early nights in preparation for the journeys ahead. 


In terms of the van, it is back up and running, may need some fine tuning but none the less, we are all in good spirits and loving the drives!  


Looks like we are quite the celebrities around this part of the world, as we have been spotted in Beijing by family on route to Mongolia. 





From Beijing we drove 490km!


Well on our way .... 


As you can tell, we like to drive at sensible speeds and are 'slowly' making our way towards the border, ready to make the journey to Mongolia!


 Despite some issues with the van today, we have made it to the border town between China and Mongolia!


Should be good to attempt our crossing into Mongolia tomorrow!


Keep watching here and on our social media for more updates!


The Mission Mongolia Team!