The China detour, what an adventure...

6 August 2017

From the very beginning we knew the China leg of our journey would be one of the toughest sections of our trip, quite how difficult it ended up being none of us could have guessed. In the 2 weeks running up to China we were driving non-stop 24 hours a day, and whilst that lifestyle threw up its own challenges (sleep deprivation etc.), the crew battled through together and managed without any real issues to note.

Our Chinese detour meant on entrance, due to Chinese regulations, we had to have a Chinese guide with us at all times. Now in a small, sweaty vehicle space is limited as it is, the addition of an extra person made a marked difference.

As one of the most bureaucratic nations on earth, we were extremely limited in the amount of mileage we were able to do in a day. Our longest drive through China was scheduled as 1200km, with an average daily mileage of around 600/700 km per day! This may seem alot for the average driver, to us however, this meant we were extremely limited in the amount of distance we could travel at any one time. To put it into perspective, in the 2 weeks outside of China, we traversed 13 different countries and crossed over 20 borders.

One issue we were unable to foresee was how the change in climate would affect both vehicle and crew. Through Central and Southern China we experienced humidity for the first time and it really took its toll on both vehicle and crew. Sitting in the back of that van in 40+ Celsius temperatures in the humidity was an experience none of the crew hope to experience again.


With all the issues however the China leg of the trip was truly amazing!


According to our Chinese tour guides, they are unaware of anyone ever driving a European vehicle in China. So as far as we are concerned Mission Mongolia is officially a pioneer in charity rallies.



 Some of our favourite moments as a crew have also come in China, with particular highlights including the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors and seeing the Avtrade office in Guangzhou!


Now out of China, we are very quickly descending on Ulaanbaatar, due to cross the line on tomorrow lunch time!



We will update on Mongolia and the big finish in the next addition of the Mission Mongolia blog!


The Mission Mongolia crew