The Adventure Begins!

11 July 2017

On Sunday 9th of July, the day we have all been working towards finally arrived, the beginning of our epic adventure to Mongolia! It has been 9 months since crew selection, 9 months of preparation in the lead up to the biggest challenge any of the 4 of us have taken on! As I write to you today, currently hurtling through Poland towards the Belarus border, I'm not sure that the magnitude of what lies ahead has fully set in.

Launch date was a bittersweet affair. We had a brilliant turn out from friends, family and sponsors. Thank you to everyone that came to wave us off and wish us well  on Sunday. Saying goodbye to our loved ones has been one of the biggest challenges to date!
For the next 4/5 weeks the crew's attention is fixed firmly on one goal: making it to our finish line 10,000 miles away in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The last 9 months, and even longer for Crew Leader Dan, have been a juggling act to make sure that we were actually prepared to undertake this mammoth drive. Our focus has been split in multiple directions, from visas, to vaccinations, vehicle mods to fundraising, we have now narrowed our sites on the ultimate goal... this bit should now be the easy part!
The first 2 days of driving so far have been a great success, crew morale is at an all time high and the vehicle has stood up to all challenges at this early stage. The days of turbo warning lights seem to be well and truly over! Up to this point we have completed; The UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany & Poland, our live feed tracker puts the scale of our adventure into perspective.
In the next few hours we will be coming up to our first real border crossing into Belarus. Considered a fairly soft border, it is a good opportunity for us to practice all the techniques learnt during our Hostile Environments Awareness Training to make sure that all our border crossings are as uneventful as possible. Being on such a tight time schedule, it is imperative that our crossings go to plan. Another crew ahead of us, was held at the Russian border for 72 hours due to incorrect paperwork!
We will keep you updated with how we get on!
Team Mission Mongolia