Planning our first Training Trip…

16 February 2017

Over the last few weeks the crew have been planning our first ‘training trip’ in preparation for the charity rally in July. In many ways we are lucky to have Europe right on our doorstep as it is made for an old-fashioned road trip! Few places on Earth offer as much diversity in such a confined space; 44 countries, multiple languages and all separated by very few border crossings. It really is adventurer’s paradise and will be the perfect place to sample some of the issues we will face on the actual trip, whilst still being in the comforting arms of our native continent.

The 2 primary goals for this trip are simple:

1: Stress test the vehicle – Dan has done a brilliant job of sourcing a vehicle which for the money paid seems in brilliant nick, but we have done several months work on the van and who knows if we have made it better or worse. This trip is going to test every part of the vehicle with long, continuous driving.

2. Stress test the crew – As a crew we have meticulously planned crew rotas; who will drive when, how long for, when we will sleep and when we will drive etc, but until we actually get out on the open road and do some driving, we can’t be sure what works and what doesn’t. We want to come back from this trip and have an idea of how this group works as a team and also as a set of 4 individuals. As one of the crew said early on, if someone snores in their sleep or has a tendency to get distracted whilst driving – This practice trip will bring it to light!

The route itself will take the crew onto the 6am Ferry at Dover, through France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, Czech Republic and then back to the UK through Luxembourg. If all goes to plan we should be back at Avtrade HQ by midday on the Sunday having had no breakdowns or problems of any sort - The crew will be fully rested after seamless transitions between driving and sleeping and all will be well in the world of Mission Mongolia. However if we have issues of any sort, then work will need to be done to eradicate those problems before we set off for Ulaanbaatar in July.

We will keep you updated!

Wish us luck.

Mission Mongolia.