Less than a month to go...

19 June 2017

There is less than a month to go until the crew embark on one of the greatest challenges any of us have ever taken, suddenly the magnitude of what we are about undertake has become real. Every morning when I sit down to my desk I go through the same routine; make a coffee, ask my neighbouring colleagues how their previous evening was and then I open the Avtrade website and take a look at our Mission Mongolia countdown timer. When we first launched the dedicated Mission Mongolia webpage back in January, the timer read 163 days – Almost 6 months away. Every morning I have seen that timer rattle through the days and it’s only really been since the ‘1 month to go’ mark that it has started to feel like a not so distant reality.

The mood within the crew has definitely changed in the last few weeks as the reality of our impending start date has become apparent. For the first time there are some signs nerves building, but also a growing excitement about setting off! As I sit here today our countdown timer reads 19 days to go and we are putting the final touches on all aspects of the trip. Our vehicle is in the final stages and is set for its last service on the 27th of June. We’ve recently taken delivery of a brand new set of off road tyres – Which got crew mechanic Dan very excited!

The next few weeks are crucial in the team preparation as once we set off there is no turning back! From the moment we leave Avtrade HQ, the focus will be on one thing and one thing only – making it to Mongolia!

We will keep you updated over the next few weeks!

The Mongolia crew