The Crew are in China!

28 July 2017

We started this leg of the journey, by making our first stop in a guesthouse, right along side Cresent Moon spring, 6km south of the city Dunhuang.

Just look at that view!

The team then travelled a total of 1700 km to get to Xian, spotting some incredible landmarks along the way such as, this traditional Chinese architecture, such as below.

While the team fixed some problems with the van, there wasn’t a shortage of locals trying to help!

We then set up camp, taking in the scenery and the calm before we headed on to the China office in Guangzhou.

The team also made it to our newest office in Guanzhou, China of which we were all very happy to meet them there!

The team then relaxed and celebrated their arrival with a meal!

Well deserved! Check back soon for the next update..