Harry saves the day!

31 July 2017


After a short meet up with the team at the China Office, in Guangzhou, we have had a much more hectic time than originally anticipated. The team has experienced a few engine problems during our most recent leg of the journey. Much to our surprise we connected with some family back home and managed to organise the parts to come over with Harry, who is on his way to join the team, hope they fit in the overhead locker!

Just over 15 hours later after a few flight delays, the parts and Harry finally arrived!



We all waited patiently for the vans revival…

The van eventually jumped into life and it was a great moment to see the whole of the team together, ready for the last leg of the journey.


On our way again, with the end in sight, looking forward to meeting family and friends in Mongolia.


Of course we may have to wait a little longer if the traffic continues…… 


Keep watching to see if we ever make it out of this traffic!!