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We are experts, but we
never stop listening.

Our DNA of honesty, courtesy, respect and family are the foundation of our business. We always
focus on our customer’s needs, with our global team of 250+ constantly fine-tuning our aviation services to deliver
the best solutions.

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Global Employees
Base Maintenance

When it comes to keeping a fleet in the air, Avtrade’s Materials Representatives are our everyday heroes, overseeing every link in the supply chain to minimise downtime and maximise savings.


Financial power, valuing expertise, and a constantly increasing pool - Avtrade are the component leasing experts. We can give you the power to unlock the value of your surplus assets.

Sales, Loans & Exchanges

Enjoy unlimited access to the largest pool of aircraft component inventory in the world - serviceable, in stock and ready to go.

Contract Support

Guaranteed support, exceptional customer service, a vast aircraft component inventory and unrivalled experience - Avtrade gives you complete peace of mind.

Surplus Management

With Avtrade, surplus is a thing of the past. Let us relieve the burden of storing, marketing and moving your components, with a team of dedicated account managers who ensure the highest level of service for every part, every time.

Sales, Loans
& Exchanges
Logistics Solutions

With over 74,000 shipments a year, wherever you are, we are.

With unrivalled expertise in all fields of import, export and customs regulations, and strong partnerships with major and minor freight and logistics providers worldwide, Avtrade leads the field.

Repair Management

27,000 aircraft component repairs each year and counting. You can be a vital component in Avtrade's unbeatable Nose-to-Tail service - the fast, flexible repair solution.

We respond to the present and
build for the future.

With Avtrade as a partner, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the largest available aircraft component inventory in
the world. We have a commitment to innovation and expansion that guarantees that we can give you even
more of what you need, exactly when you need it.

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Parts Shipped per Month
We are everywhere. Always.

At Avtrade we’re justifiably proud of our global logistics network. Each year our dedicated team work
around the clock to ship over 74,000 aircraft components to more than 800 airlines, ensuring that when it comes
to logistics, Avtrade delivers.

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