Repair Management
Repair Management
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With Avtrade as a partner, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the largest available aircraft component inventory in the world, backed up by the unrivalled expertise of our dedicated global team.

We always focus on our customer’s needs, and constantly fine-tune our services to provide the most responsive and comprehensive component solution. To complement these services, our customer support sets a new standard. Our knowledgeable, approachable global team are dedicated to innovation, and a passion for aviation is at the core of all we do.­

Repair Management

For many airlines component repair can be a stressful business. Dealing with workshops, tackling tough timescales, negotiating deals and delivering the goods on time - with so many balls in the air, you can easily keep your fleet on the ground.

Let Avtrade take the stress out of Repair Management and let us oversee every aspect of the cycle. We can ensure the best quality work, offer the most competitive and flexible finance options and delivery on time - every time.

When you use Avtrade for Repair Management, you’ll also benefit from unrivalled customer service from a dedicated global team, and unlimited access to the world’s largest available aircraft component inventory. From beginning to end, from nose to tail - we deliver.


24 Hour maximum repair order processing time
24 Hour
maximum repair
order processing time
27,000 Shop visits per year
Shop visits
per year
750 managed vendors
22 days shop processing time
22 days
shop processing

Sales, Loans & Exchanges

Some people say that size doesn’t matter, but they don’t have unlimited access to the world’s largest available aircraft component inventory.

We not only offer size, but speed and satisfaction too, with immediate global dispatch 24/7 on a sale, loan or exchange basis.

Avtrade’s aviation component pool is truly Nose-to-Tail, covering everything from Consumables to Rotables, Landing Gear to Engines, and all available immediately from our expert AOG team.

Traceability is guaranteed, and all aircraft rotables are supplied with appropriate airworthiness release certification from OEM’s and approved workshops.

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Sales Calls Per Month


At Avtrade we believe our strength lies in the numbers. We use our financial power, combined with expertise in valuing aircraft components and recommending base kits, to provide a complete Leasing package that really adds up.

We understand that many customers don’t want to tie up capital in non-core business such as investment in aircraft and aviation components, and prefer to remove these costly assets from their balance sheets. Entrusting the financing of these to Avtrade, therefore, can greatly improve liquidity and solvency.

Avtrade’s Leasing expertise, and commitment to constantly increasing our pool, provides you with a unique partner who can help to unlock the value in surplus aviation assets either through purchase or by marketing them on your behalf.

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Contract Support

With Avtrade, guaranteed support has never been so flexible. Avtrade’s vast inventory, access to capital and experience in repair management and logistics means that we can offer truly bespoke support to fulfil your aircraft component needs.

Providing Pool Access and Repair Management services under a service level agreement provides unlimited, guaranteed support at our unparalleled service levels and complete cost awareness.

Options include price per transaction, fixed price, and flight hourly or monthly rates, giving you a choice of total budgetary control or pay-as-you-go, and you’ll have complete control with zero operational risk.

97% On time delivery across contractual customers
On time delivery
across contractual
 tripled aircraft under contract in last 5 years
tripled aircraft
under contract
in last 5 years

Base Maintenance Representation

Materials Representatives are our everyday heroes, accompanying aircraft to the MRO worldwide and managing materials supply, procurement and logistics in order to minimise aircraft downtime and maximise cost savings.

Avtrade’s representatives are the vital link between Airline and MRO, with a proactive approach to supply chain issues that eliminates delays in heavy maintenance projects.

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32 Nationalities & 40 Languages Spoken

Global Logistics Solutions

With over 74,000 shipments a year, wherever you are, we are.

With expertise in all fields of import, export and customs regulations, and strong partnerships with major and minor freight and logistics providers worldwide, Avtrade leads the field.

Working around the clock, Avtrade’s Logistics department ensures prompt delivery of routine, hazardous, specialist and oversized shipments with maximum efficiency anywhere in the world.

Surplus Management

At Avtrade there’s no such thing as surplus. Our global reach and unparalleled expertise guarantees that every component is traded effectively.

We relieve the burden of aviation parts surplus simply and efficiently, either by purchasing your stock, or by holding it on consignment and trading it on your behalf, maximising the financial benefits for both parties.

At Avtrade we pride ourselves on creating strong, mutually beneficial bonds with all of our partners, and our Surplus Management service is no exception.


 dedicated account managers
12,000+ parts held on consignment
parts held on
 monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting
quarterly and
yearly reporting
750 Managed vendors
Managed vendors