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The crew set off on Sunday 9th July on their epic mission to Mongolia. You can find out how the team were getting on in the first leg of the journey. We have been busy tracking their trip and despite a lack of signal and internet connection, the team have tried their best to keep us up to speed. Here’s what we know so far.

Day 1 (Sunday 9th July)

The team leave Avtrade HQ at 5pm and make it across the Channel into France by the end of the day. 

Day 2 (Monday 10th July)

After less than 15 hours on the road and they have already made it to Germany. We receive an update they have gone through Poland and Belarus and this picture suggests they are having a great time!

Day 3 (Tuesday 11th July)  

The first challenge arises. On their way through Lithuania, the bad weather sets in and the team drives through a storm, battling against the hazardous rain, thunder and lightning.

Fortunately they make it safely through the border and into Latvia, where the open off road awaits. Hopefully they have seen the last of treacherous weather conditions. 

Day 4 (Wednesday 12th July)

After the dramatic turn of events yesterday afternoon, the team reach Russia. They are planning to stay overnight in Moscow, so comfy beds and hot showers all round!

Check back soon to see how the MM team are getting on!